Telegram 8.7: Download and News

Reaches Telegram 8.7.6 Updatea New version loaded with news Among them we find very useful features, for example, the possibility to set a dedicated time for silence, more animated emojis and a series of other features.

To enjoy each of the new features that Telegram 8.7 offers, as well as the improvements and bug fixes it may include, you must Telegram update. With that clarity, we now turn to all the news that the new Telegram update brings.

One sound, one notification

You can now customize your Telegram notifications this way Any sound can be a notificationeven anyone who sends you a track of a song or a different sound through a conversation, you can save it and put it as a notification.

You can find the option in Settings/Notifications and Sounds, and from there you can configure your notifications for specific groups and users, so you have a different notification sound for each conversation, useful if you want to differentiate one in particular.

Time to mute chats

With this new Telegram update You will be able to mute individual or group chats during more specific timeswhich has been added to the previously created ones, to be able to choose a day of the month you want and a specific time (5/15 at 20:03, 12/20 at 13:57, etc.).

This option is accessed through the group or individual chat itself, in iOS the option is called “Mute”, in which there are several preset options (mute for 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 day, 7 days and always) and the ability to choose one personal As we have already told you.

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Self-delete is easier to activate

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More than modern, the improvement that Telegram 8.7 brings is the choice Delete self in chats. Now the user has to give fewer clicks to enable it and there are also new times which are more flexible so you can choose when you want to delete the content.

improved translation

Telegram for iOS users will find a job Improved integrated translation with better quality results In more languages ​​than before, the ability to translate the same languages ​​already allowed by Telegram for Android.

Remember that message translation is activated from Settings/Language, and there is a button you can then use in conversations to instantly translate any message that comes to you in a language other than your own or a different language that you don’t want. understand.

PiP image optimized on Android

The Android PiP Picture functionality has been improved It has a new design with rounded curves and adds new options, for example, you can now tap on the floating window when watching a video to change its size or touch the X to close it.

New interface to change the number

Photo - Telegram 8.7: Download and news

Those who need to change the phone number will find New interface in Settings Where is this option. In case you don’t know, this parameter specifies where you will receive digital codes for future logins (Telegram WebZ, WebKetc.).

Now you will see an animated duck when you want to modify the number, remember that it is important to keep this parameter correctly updated.

New animated emoji

Photo - Telegram 8.7: Download and news

The The list of animated emojis is expanding With the new food options, there are up to 15 new options that you can use and send in your group chats or with one person.

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What’s new in robots

Bots are a very important part of Telegram and in this update they come with relevant news. Starting with the new version, developers will have More flexibility when creating bots with JavaScript Thanks to the new tools.

Likewise, users will be able to add bots to channels (admins only) or groups (members and admins can add them) and configure certain permissions and privileges for them.

Previews on forwarded messages

Photo - Telegram 8.7: Download and news

starting from Telegram 8.7.6 Update you can see the Previews of messages you send to other conversations, so you can see the context from which your responses to forwarded messages are coming from. In Telegram, you also have the possibility to hide the original sender.

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