Technician says women’s goal concedes more goals in football because of emotions

Statements from the coach of the national team feminine Northern Ireland signed after A severe defeat suffered by his team for 5 years ahead of its counterpart in England.

What began as an explanation for the poor result ended with a controversial phrase in which he wanted to refer to it Emotional factors played against their guidance (They conceded 4 goals in 27 minutes).

“Women’s soccer teams receive more goals in quick succession because they are more emotional than men,” Shiels said. by Daily Mail.

The Northern Irish, who had a secret career as a footballer in his country, went further and Explain how “emotional dysfunction” was withering for aspirations of his choice, which is practically excluded from World Cup 2023.

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“When we were down 1-0, we tried to slow down to give them time to remove this emotional imbalance from their heads. That’s a problem we have,” he added. According to the Irvine Times.

Although Shels’ words have sparked controversy in Northern Ireland and other UK countries, the UEFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Qualifiers Statistics They show a huge disparity between some teams and others. (See also: ‘Sentimental Dog’, the mascot of the South American Women’s Cup, made more than one bark.)

EnglandThe leader of his undefeated group piles up 8 wins in 8 matches, with a difference of 68 goals in his favour and 1 out of 0 goals (an average of 8.5 goals per game).

Here are the amazing stats for that group:

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