Ocarina of Time demo shows truncated content that hasn’t reached the game

Illusion forest, A group of fans devoted to preserving the history of Nintendo, I recently managed to get an unfinished version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina from Time, Was first introduced during the event Space Scientist in 1997. This early version includes maps, items, abilities, and sections of the story that did not reach the final product.

For example, this early version includes skill allow Link Convert to Navi, Similar to the ability of a hero Zelda II: The Adventure of the Link. Additionally, some incomplete levels were found, such as Kakariku Village, Time-e-Hyrule Field Temple. In the following videos you can take a look at it:

In the same way, there are many things that are impossible to find in the final version and here below we share them:

As for the story, a series of dialogues has been found indicating the player’s possibility of visiting The field of Goron City y ZoraHowever, both locations have recently been cut from the game.


Across: Kotaku

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