Telefnica and Virgin seek financial partners to accelerate UK fiber deployment with investments of up to 11,600 million

Jos Mara lvarez-Pallete, CEO of Telefnica.
phoneica expansion

Telefnica and its British partner Virgin are looking for financial partners to accelerate the deployment of fiber optics in the UK, as they have committed an investment of €11.6 billion over the next five years. However, the acceleration of the investment plan by its big competitor, BT, which has expanded its investment commitment in fiber networks from 20 million homes to 25 million homes by 2026, prompted Telefnica and Virgin to accelerate their plans with new money coming in from abroad, through a partner One or more Mali, as Telefnica has already done in Germany, Brazil or Chile. The two groups have hired Barclays and LionTree for this task.

Telefnica Way Virgin They want to repeat in United kingdom The scheme that the Spanish operator has already implemented in some of its markets: the search for an external financial partner to help them finance Optical Fiber Deployments Up To H

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