TecSalud announces the Health Sciences Campus project

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- Through constant innovation in the field of health and the training of new professionals in this field, Tech Salud It will have a Health Sciences Campus, a unique private initiative project in Mexico and Latin America.

This Tuesday, during the Council of Councilors meeting Monterey Technology Details of the project have been announced, which will focus on training health professionals, medical care and scientific research, and through which the Foundation will take a major step in its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge research.

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According to TecSalud, this project is unique in Mexico and Latin America and is a private initiative and will bring together the talent and professionalism of medical professors, researchers and students from different disciplines to generate knowledge that will be reflected in new applications, practices and treatments with a direct impact on society.

The new Health Sciences Campus will consist of Zambrano Helion HospitalThe new campus of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, in addition to research institutes and laboratories.

With this, Zambrano Helion Hospital is being expanded to enhance highly specialized care, increasing its capacity by 50%.

For its part, the College of Medicine and Health Sciences will have a new facility with an area of ​​more than 30,000 square metres.

The new spaces will allow basic and clinical research to generate applied knowledge.

At the same event, Vice President of Research at TecSalud said, Guillermo Torre Confirm it Mexico chooses its governments without considering the issue of health and in the country only 5.5% of GDP (gross domestic product) is invested in this area.

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During a meeting of Tecnológico de Monterrey board members, Torre proved this “Mexico is not healthy.”

“We are not investing in health, we are investing 5.5% of GDP, but half of that spending is out of our pocket, which puts families in a disastrous situation.”claimed.

And highlight that For most Mexican families, a cost of more than 200 thousand pesos becomes a catastrophic expense.

“And we have a completely fragmented health system. In the health system, if you work you have IMSS, if you work for the government you have ISSSTE, but if you are in the informal sector, which is probably more than half of Mexicans, you don't have access to anything.confirmed.

He stated that the majority of the private sector does not contribute to improving the health system in the country.

He said that technology in the world of health has developed, but unfortunately not everyone has access to it.

“Science has advanced in an extraordinary way, I would tell you the standards, the expectations of the Mexican citizen when we go to the public health sector, to get good treatment is unimaginable.”And highlighted.

For this part, Juan Pablo MoraThe strategies for generating the best model of care, education and training are to create spaces, said the Dean of Professional and Postgraduate Studies at Tec de Monterrey.

In a video shown during the exhibition, Tecnológico de Monterrey's more than 50-year commitment to community health was highlighted.

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In 1977, TecSalud began donating to the San José Hospital, and since then, thanks to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Zambrano-Helion Hospital, the ecosystem of the said institution has been strengthened.

“There is no doubt that our Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, since its founding 45 years ago, has been an innovative, pioneering and pioneering school.”Maura pointed out.

Tomorrow, Wednesday at five in the evening, the “Advanced Health with Science and Education” event will be held, where the new strategic project of TecSalud will be announced.

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