“I hope the Isles will remain British forever.”

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who arrived in the Falkland Islands on Monday, expressed his hope so The territory wants to remain under UK administration “For a long time, maybe forever.”

Likewise, as reported by the Associated Press news agency, Cameron referred to the inhabitants of the archipelago: “As long as they want to be part of the UK, we fully welcome them and will support them and help protect them And defend them absolutely, as far as I'm concerned, for as long as they want. “I hope it will be for a very long time, perhaps forever.”

UK official visit to the Malvinas Islands The first is that of a British ministerBeen doing it since 2016. This came a month after his meeting with Javier Maile in Switzerland, during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Unlike other presidents. Miley takes into account the inhabitants of the South Atlantic islands Which belongs to Argentina. In this context, the Head of State proposes a solution similar to the agreement that the United Kingdom negotiated with China regarding Hong Kong.

“We want to find a practical solution regarding the Malvinas Islands. England had a conflict similar to this: that was with China and over the Hong Kong issue. We propose a similar solution, whereby England returns the islands to us through diplomatic channels. But in this process, you cannot leave aside what happens to those who live on the islands. This means that you have to find a solution not only with England, but you also have to take into account the interests of those living on the islands.

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Cameron's visit had strong repercussions for the Peronist opposition. Gustavo Melilla, governor of Tierra del Fuego, declared the British minister “persona non grata” and described the trip as a “real provocation” against Argentine sovereignty.

“Having David Cameron in our Malvinas Islands is a natural thing A new British provocation Which seeks to undermine our legitimate sovereign rights over our lands and perpetuate colonialism into the twenty-first century. “We will not allow this,” the official said.

“As long as the British usurpation of our lands continues The UK continues to refuse to resume negotiations That the international community be established to return to us what belongs to us by history and right, we will not rest in our battle. He added: “Any colonial representative of a state that attacks our territorial integrity, and denigrates the memory of our heroes in the Malvinas Islands and their eternal sacrifices, will not be welcomed in our province.”

in tune, Former Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero expressed his “categorical rejection” He referred to Cameron's presence in the Malvinas Islands and described it as a “provocation.” “This is a new and unacceptable provocation, which did not happen 30 years ago, and must be rejected by the national government (…) The silence of the Argentine Foreign Ministry is surprising and disturbing. Rejection and protest against this type of actions and provocations is not hostility. He stressed that it uses international law to maintain Rights belonging to the Argentine Republic.

This was also echoed by Guillermo Carmona, Malvinas' former secretary. “The Argentine Foreign Ministry remains silent in the face of provocation that requires a diplomatic response. He pointed out that if rejection and protest do not come from the government, then let us show as a people that we do not agree with colonialism.

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