Tecolotes de Dos Laredos, a union of two cities and two countries through baseball

There is no doubt that sport transcends boundaries and loyalty River Bravo There is a limit that honors the tributary that adorns it. The Dos Laredos Album They made a great effort to return for the sixth time to Mexican Baseball League As the only team in the world stationed in two cities in two different countries.

(To be headquarters Owls) Is the privilege of that LaredoAnd the Texas He has thanks Owls And the Mexican Baseball League. Because we carry culture and art Mexico to me United State. The atmosphere is very different, the Mexican has a lot of atmosphere. We are Hispanic and we create a very beautiful culture. The songs in our stadium are completely different from what you can see in them Big leagues“, He said Vidal Rodriguez, A second district council member from Laredo, in an interview with Record.

The Laredo Uni TradeAnd the Texas It is the alternate seat of the five-time champion LMB. At home, Mexicans and Americans coexist harmoniously, enjoying the game of soccer and especially strengthening ties between neighboring countries. In 2018 they returned to Mexican summer baseball and little by little they wanted to intervene again in the culture of the border region.

“It was a rebirth Owls. They always have been and are still known as a part of Two Laredos. We had a chance, and we’ve come with this project for three years. What unites these two cities and these two countries is The king of sportsVidal Rodriguez stated with great enthusiasm.

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Laredo s Nuevo Laredo They have always been sister cities. Not because the river divides us, or in simpler terms a pool of water, that no longer represents the entire family. Mexicans and Americans or Laredo, we are brothers, “concluded the counselor of District Two in Laredo, Texas.

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