Technosylva Maglia Bembibre triumphs in Burgos and the United Kingdom

The Technosylva Maglia Bembibre cycling team secured the mountain classification in the Ciudad de Medina de Pomar Trophy (Burgos) with Fabrizio Crosolo and with the victory of youngster Dietray Jarrett in the Harrogate Nova Spring Road Race (Darley – North Yorkshire – UK). united).

In the Ciudad de Medina Cup by Pomar Cristóbal Ramírez and Fabrizio Crozzolo stood out from the start of the race by early escape. As the kilometers progressed, with intelligence and coordinated action, they focused on working on the qualifying mountain passes, which led Crosolo to secure the lead in that classification.

With a high finish, the responsibility for the victory fell on Ramirez. Despite his escape efforts, which affected him, he achieved seventeenth place. The excellent performance of these two riders, along with the rest of the team, allowed the Technosylva Maglia Bembibre Cycling Team to take fifth place in the team out of 23 participants.


Dietray Jarrett, the young British Lyon rider, shone in the Harrogate Nova Spring Road Race (Darley, North Yorkshire), winning with a display of calculation, serenity and power that was not appropriate for his age. Jarrett remained calm in a very nervous race, with many attacks, and showed great composure when it came to deciding the finish.

In a thrilling one-on-one encounter, he launched a powerful attack that his fleeing partner was unable to do anything against. This victory is clear evidence of the positive progress of the talented rider of the Tecnosilva Maglia Pembibri Cycling Team.

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