Solutions to Android phone charging problems

In the first case, the error can be found in Loading port. Accumulated dirt or a small breakage may be enough to make it difficult to charge the device.

If this is an operating system related error, it may be due to High temperature Or whatever you have Opening too many applications. This doesn't usually happen, but you should keep it in mind.

It may also be the case that the charging issue is not related to the device itself. Sometimes a freighter Defective or a stopper Which does not work makes it impossible for us to fill the smartphone battery.

How to clean the charging port

One possible reason why it is difficult to charge a phone is that the charging port is not doing its job. If it's broken, we'll have to take it to an establishment with a repair service. But if it's just dirty, you'll just need it clean it.

To do this, it is recommended to turn off the device first. And then with toothpickTry to remove all the dirt accumulated inside it. The ideal solution is to do this carefully and in circular motions, so as not to get dirt inside or damage the port.

finally, Inspect the hole well Using a flashlight or other mobile phone flash to make sure it is completely clean. All you have to do is try downloading it again.

Prevents the mobile phone from overheating

When you see that your phone is not charging, one of the first things you should look at is that it is Not too hot. If you're in an environment with high temperatures (either due to heating or summer) or you use your phone a lot, there may be issues when trying to charge the battery.

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In these cases, it is recommended Turn off the device Take it to a place with normal temperatures (not too high or too low). This way, you will solve the problems of charging failure due to overheating.

Restart your phone

In case of any problem with the device, the recommended procedure is Restart it. This can also help if your Android device won't boot.

To restart your phone, just press Lock button For a few seconds. You will be given two options: Shutdown or Restart. Choose the second one.

After restarting the device, you will be asked to enter Your SIM number. So make sure you know or have the card that came with your SIM card on hand.

When you restart your smartphone, any apps open in the background that may be causing complications will be deleted.

Check the health of your battery

In the Play Store, there are differences Applications That allows verification Battery status. For example, we have Battery Health – Battery Ice, Electron: Battery Health Information, and Battery Expert: Battery Health.

Through it you can discover the health of your battery. If it is not good, you should consider changing it with a new one at a repair shop.

Mobile battery charging

Put the phone in safe mode

he Safe mode It is a type of diagnostic for Android devices that disables third-party applications. That is, this function means that the mobile phone only allows you to use applications and services pre-installed at the factory.

If your smartphone is having battery life issues, activating safe mode can help you find out why. If problems persist, there may not be an easy solution; But if it allows you to charge it that way, you might have it A malicious application that you should uninstall.

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Is the problem not related to the phone?

As we said at the beginning of this article, the causes of charging problems on Android may have nothing to do with the smartphone itself. It is possible that Wireshe Electric switch or even stopper The reason is that the battery is not full.

Try charging the phone from another port and with other chargers to check. In this case, the problem will have nothing to do with the mobile phone itself.

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