Tampa Bay, America’s 2020 Most Successful City

Few cities in the United States have had the opportunity to dominate the major sporting leagues during the same calendar. Tampa Bay does it in 2020, which is why its presence in the Super Bowl that will be played next Sunday becomes even more important.

It all began on September 17, when Anthony Cirelli’s goal in the extra first half jumped the Lightning team to beat the Islanders 2-1 and crowned the Eastern Conference Champions, thus securing their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final.

Tampa Bay thus achieved its first final in one of the most important sporting leagues in the United States

A month later, the success story continued when on October 17 Pete Fairbanks dominated Aledmys Díaz with a fly to the right field so that he fell 27 out and Rays beat Astros 4-2, qualifying to play the World Series.

Thus, for the first time in its history, Tampa Bay managed to make two “major” finals on the same calendar.

Time to ride

Dissatisfied with the previously achieved success, on January 24, to the surprise of many, the Pirates went to Lampo Field to defeat the Packers 31-26, becoming the third team from Tampa Bay to reach the major league final. .

Winning the Super Bowl is the goal of the NFC Champions, but winning would be even more valuable to the city.

His score to date is 1-1, following the Lightning crown in hockey and Rays’ fall in baseball. So the Bucs would take responsibility for the tie.

Only the city of Philadelphia, in 1980, has so far made it to the finals of four major tournaments (MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL), but they have only managed to win once. This year, Tampa Bay has approached him as closely as possible … mostly because he doesn’t have an NBA team; However, we can give you the affinity advantage, because let’s not forget that the Miami Heat (one of the neighbors) also played in the Basketball Finals.

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It is pertinent to note that while it is not a league that is considered First Division, Tampa Bay Ruddy raised the crown in the USL, which is similar to the second division of the MLS League.

The 2020 season will be fond memories for Tampa Bay sports fans, and if the Boss team wins, this city in Florida will join Los Angeles (NBA and MLB) as the double winner in 2020, and with that we will be witnesses of an unprecedented achievement.

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