Sunak and Truss will compete for the Johnson chair in the UK

Sunak, who has emerged since the start of the qualifying rounds last week as the favorite, received 137 votes in the fifth and final vote, while Truss received 113, enough to dislodge Deputy Secretary of State Penny Mordaunt (105) at the last minute.

The two finalists will now be scrutinized by 180,000 members of the Conservative Party, who will elect in August to replace Johnson by postal vote, who was forced to resign two weeks ago, after a series of scandals called into question his moral integrity and leadership. .

After learning of the outcome, Sunak, whose resignation precipitated the downfall of the controversial British prime minister, thanked his followers of religion in Parliament for the trust they placed in him, and promised to work “day and night” to get the party’s message to everyone. Country.

Until the moment of his resignation, the former chancellor was now seen as a man close to Johnson, with many accusing him of being a traitor, but others thanking him for promoting his departure from 10 Downing Street.

Truss, who has remained loyal to the governor during the crisis, is seen as the new hawk in British politics, and has the support of the far-right wing of the Conservative Party.

In a message posted on social media after the result was announced, the British diplomat promised that if she was elected prime minister, she would work hard from day one, unite the party and govern according to conservative values.

Although the first polls gave Truss an advantage over Sunak, some analysts consider the bid between the two to be close.

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The name of the winner of the internal leadership competition will be announced on the fifth of this September, when Parliament resumes its sessions after the summer recess that begins on Thursday.


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