Successful participation in Al Tayer Arts, Literature and Science Week

Last March, a new edition of Altair Arts, Literature and Science Week. Organized by the ESO and Baccalaureate Humanities and Sciences Departments, a wide range of activities have been proposed for the different courses with great participation from all students.

In the field of humanities, various fraternal events were held, a concert by the primary choir, a British breakfast, a screening of a documentary about Cervantes, a five-hour play with Mario, a conference “San Fernando and the Conquest of Seville”. Marcos Pacheco, concert by brass quintet, storytelling in the assembly hall, conference “Introduction to the Character of Fernando III el Santo, Patron of the City of Seville” presented by Miguel Calvo, exhibitions on prehistoric and archaic constructions, exhibitions on “Wonders of the World”. 700 Years of Marco Polo's Book.

For its part, the scientific section was titled “From Nature to the Table: Converting Raw Materials into Food and Monitoring Their Quality.” The activities were held in the laboratory and the students were brought closer to the world of food preparation that requires the transformation of the raw materials that make it up. In some cases, their industrial processes were studied, and in others, home recipes that had been preserved over time.

The garden and animal facility were also visited to learn about the plant and animal resources that the school cares for as a source of raw materials whose conversion will lead to the production of food products.

The Mathematics Symposium held a competition in which students took individual tests, which evaluated the ingenuity in the solution, the ability to express the answer, and the simplicity of development. A gymnasium was also organized in which students from each course competed in trying to solve various tests that were, like the previous activity, related to the topic of converting raw materials into food.

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