They present an initiative for a new law on science, technology and innovation – Comment

Independent local representative Miguel Angel Sanchez, President Legislative Sciences CommitteeAnd the Technique e government innovation, presented during a session State Congress, an initiative that proposes the creation of a new program science lawAnd the Technique e innovation Colima State.

The deputy said on the podium Colima he have development law s science development s Technique which has been approved in 2006, that is, 15 years ago, and for this reason it is considered obsolete, because science, technology and government innovation has been advancing, updating and restructuring in its organizational design, allowing to strengthen its scientific capabilities.

He said because of the above, Legislative Sciences CommitteeAnd the Technique e government innovation Hold rapprochement and business meetings from September 2020, with the general manager of State Science Council s TechniqueAnd the Gloria MarmolegoAs well as with a doctor of information technology sciences Colima UniversityAnd the Juan Jose Contreras Castillo, to analyze the formation of a new law that meets the needs of the field, as well as to update the required technological and scientific progress.

In this sense, he indicated that Gloria Marmolego, in a month November 2020 did not get Science CommitteeAnd the Technique e government innovation from 59 LegislatureFinal draft of the new law.

“We have submitted, from our Legislative Committee, our proposal, and we have adapted and corrected it in accordance with the relevant legislative technique, because the said standard serves to modernize, modernize and replace the Council of Science and Technology with the Institute of Science and Technology, and to establish the new law. to modernize its operations and organizational representation inward, as it tends to benefit from the entity’s government scientific, technological and innovative research work.”

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The MP highlighted that the proposal reflects “gender equality in scientific, technological and innovative development, provided that the executive authority allocates 1% to science, technology and innovation in the upcoming expenditure budget for 2022, with the aim of encouraging scientific and technological development.” .

The initiative has been handed over to the committees Legislative Studies s Constitutional points, and for ScienceAnd the Technique e government innovation.

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