Studies confirm that hugging a dog helps improve mental health | News from Mexico

Scientists have confirmed that Physical contact with a therapy dog ​​significantly improves people’s well-being, They also concluded in a recent study published in the scientific journal Taylor & Francis Online.

“We know spending time with therapy dogs is beneficial, but we didn’t know why,” admits John Tyler Benefit, lead author of the study.

Scientists from the University of British Columbia (Canada) documented in their study the interaction of 284 undergraduate students with therapy dogs.

Participants were divided into three groups according to the type of treatment they received throughout the study period: interaction with dogs with or without physical contact, or interaction with a dog handler without the dog present.

In this way, they found that physical contact with dogs reduces stress better than any other type of treatment.As revealed by self-reports, based on factors of well-being, prosperity, negative and positive effects, sociability, happiness, integration into the campus community, stress, homesickness, and loneliness.

“When students are likely to return to classes face-to-face on their university campuses this fall and are looking for ways to contain stress, I encourage them to take advantage of the visiting dog program offered,” Benefit said. “It’s a safe way to reduce stress.” pressures.

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