Stop it all! The Spice Girls celebrate 25 years of success with “Feeding Your Love”

United State. – One of the most successful women’s group ever in the UK is without a doubt a group sexy girls, which became popular with teenagers and young adults in the 1990s. And with their 25th anniversary approaching, the girls are preparing a surprise for fans that includes a series of concerts and the launch of “feed your love“.

It’s an unreleased song that was supposed to come out with the British band’s debut album, but it hasn’t seen the light of day yet. According to local newspaper reports, the song was written by Richard “Biff” Stannard and Matt Rowe, record makers.I wanna beIt is considered an anthem to many.

Written in 1995, “Feed Your Love” was intended to be a part of the “Spide Girls” debut, but was discarded because it was different from the rest of the songs. Additionally, it includes all of the band’s original voices including those of Victoria Beckham, who split from the band long ago and is not even returning to reunion shows.

A few years ago, the song was leaked on social media, but this is the first time the song has been officially heard on an EP of 25- Nada that celebrates the founding years sexy girls. Through the group’s social networks, the girls invited thousands of their fans around the world to join the anniversary of the song Wannabe, and sent their photos and videos of one of the best songs in their playlist.

In 2019, the band returned to the stage, with the exception of Victoria who focused her work as a designer. The rest of the girls participated in a full house in 13 stadiums and earned more than 2 million euros from selling tickets for shows that recalled the best times”sexy girls“.

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