Still in the top ten countries with the highest foreign direct investment in 2021 – El Financiero

FDI inflows have reached Mexico $32 billion in 2021an increase of $4 billion over 2020, with which it remained among the top ten in terms of attracting investment, according to the World Investment Report issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD),

According to the report, Mexico had to share the flows that attracted the region with more Latin American countries.

After a 14 percent increase, FDI inflows to Mexico reached $32 billion, a figure representing 24 percent of the total to Latin America and the Caribbean.

The proportion was lower than in 2020, when it represented 32 percent of the total, due to the increase in inflows to other countries, Mainly to South Americaa sub-region that attracted 65 percent of total outward FDI with $88 billion, of which Brazil “absorbed” $23 billion.

The United States remained in the lead with $403 billion in received flows, equivalent to an increase of 71.5 percent, as a result of the stimulus measures adopted by President Joe Biden’s government to deal with the Covid-19 crisis.

China fell From second to fourth place As a beneficiary of $145 billion in FDI, down 6 percent compared to 2020, Japan instead moved up two places to take third place with $147 billion in FDI received in 2021, double the previous year.

Foreign direct investment in Latin America and the Caribbean rose 56 percent in the year to $134 billion. Most economies saw a slight rise in inflows, with very few declining.

The investment was supported by strong inflows in traditional industries such as Automobile manufacturing, financial services and insurance The report shows that electricity provision, driven by record investments in information and communication services across the region.

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The United States remained The main source country for investment abroad With a figure of $403 billion added to Canada’s $90 billion, it reached the record high of $493 billion.

US multinationals increased their investments abroad by 72 percent; Flows to the European Union and the United Kingdom doubled, and To Mexico almost three times”, refers to the report submitted by Geneva, Switzerland.

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