Step by step to link your Gmail account with WhatsApp and prevent it from being deleted on December 1

We’re telling you How to link your Gmail account with WhatsApp Prevent it from being deleted.

According to a statement from Google, December 1 By 2023, all inactive Gmail accounts will be deleted.

So, if you want to save your Gmail account, the solution is to link it with your WhatsApp.

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Step by step to link your Gmail account with WhatsApp

Google announced, through a statement, that All inactive Gmail accounts will be deleted on Friday, December 1.

According to Google, the inactive Gmail accounts are the ones that remain Inactive for more than two years.

However, there will be a way to save these email accounts; This will be it Connect it with your WhatsApp.

This way, the messaging app will store all your files in the account’s Google Drive.

So we leave you here Step by step for tying Your Gmail account with WhatsApp:

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  1. Open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Access Settings
  3. Select “Chats”
  4. Select “Backup”
  5. Add the Gmail account you want to save
  6. Grant the necessary permissions and select “Do Now”

Once you link the app and account, you must rCheck Drive from your phone or open your Gmail account linked to WhatsApp; Thus, your email will be saved for another two years.

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What happens if my WhatsApp is linked to an inactive Gmail account?

In case your WhatsApp is already linked to a Gmail account that you are not using, you can see that Serious effects on courier service.

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And that’s it WhatsApp data and files Which is saved automatically In Google Drive it will be deleted, Included:

  • the pictures
  • Videos
  • Conversations
  • Audios

Therefore, we advise you to enter and review your Gmail account Make a backup copy The information you want to keep after the purge on December 1, 2023.

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