Dubai Sevens: All results from the first day of competition

He is back World Sevens Circuit The first stage takes place in Dubai at the end of this week. Within a new formation called SVNS 2024The top twelve teams participate in the men’s draw, including… Pumas 7 That comes from winning gold In the For the American countries. Watch the tournament live on Star+.

In the men’s competition, New ZealandHe leads the 2023 champion after winning the tournaments in Sydney, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Singapore and Toulouse. Group A It started by beating While 26-21 South AfricaThe defending champion in Dubai did the same (22-14). Samoa.

On the other hand, as winners in Hamilton, Vancouver and London, Argentinawhich seeks to equal or improve its historic second place compared to last season, leads Group B He was defeated in his first appearance Spain By 12-26. On the other side, Australia fell in front of Ireland By 19-12. And the Group C? It was found Fijithe double Olympic gold medal winner, who easily won 21-14 against United Statewhile France Smash 35-0 Britain.

Regarding the women’s team, he confirmed Black fernThe winners of six of the seven tournaments in the last edition won their seventh title in the series. They head Group A next to Fiji, Britain And South Africa. On the first day of competitions, there were victories from New Zealand And about South Africans and Europeans; In addition, the islanders did the same to the same chosen people.

On the other side, Australia And Ireland He won Brazil And Japan in it Group Bwhile United StateLast season’s overall bronze medalist started by hitting SpainBut it later fell Canada in it Group C. As for other parties in the same region, France They won both matches against the same team.

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With the Paris 2024 Olympic Games On the horizon, the new model of SVNS 2024 It features seven events in its regular season, plus the Grand Final. The eight best ranked teams according to points accumulated in the series at the conclusion of the seventh round Singapore They will make sure to compete in it Madrid Where the winners will be crowned as new champions of the circuit.

On the other hand, Spain will also host a relegation play-off, where the teams ranked from ninth to twelfth will join the four best ranked teams. Challenger World Rugby SevensThe top four teams will secure their place in SVNS 2025.

Complete installations

Day 1 – Dubai – Men’s draw

Day 1 – Dubai – Women’s draw

Day 2 – Dubai – Men’s draw

Day 2 – Dubai – Women’s draw

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