Bill Gates, the main private donor to the Swiss verification authority of Sanchez and Puigdemont

The institution that will sponsor today in Geneva the work of the “investigation” between the Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezThe former leader of Gent escaped from justice, Carles Puigdemontwas able to achieve a significant income of about 50 million euros annually through Through mediation in international armed conflicts. he Henry Durant Center for Human DialogueIt is based in Switzerland and is mainly financed thanks to subsidies and donations from countries or multilateral entities. However, among its private donors one in particular stands out: the Foundation Bill Gatesthe businessman and founder of Microsoft.

According to the register of European lobbyists registered with ECONOMÍA DIGITAL, the Henri Dunant Center for Humanitarian Dialogue generates an income of approximately €50 million annually, between grants and donations received by countries, multilateral institutions and private donors. Among the “large numbers” stands out a private donor, the MBGF; the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundationthe charitable vehicle of the president’s fortune Technology giant Microsoft.

3.2 million support from Bill Gates to Henry Dunant

The lobby register indicates that the annual budget of the Henry Dunant Center for Human Dialogue amounts to 49.4 million euros. The largest donation they receive is from the European Commission, worth €8.1 million, to which must be added other contributions from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada and Sweden. Spain, in this case, is not among the donors, but rather is part of an international conflict that calls for mediation with the other party. (Carles Puigdemont).

The Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation is emerging as a major private donor with numbers matched only by the United States. That year he donated 3.13 million euros to Henry Dunant. Documents for the American Pole Foundation confirm annual payments of $3.275 million.

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The relationship between Bill Gates and Pedro Sanchez

Although it is unlikely that Bill Gates will be present at the meeting today, MBGF co-chair Pedro Sanchez already knows. The businessman and president met in La Moncloa in May last year, and four months later, Sanchez attended a foundation event in New York.

In his speech, the Prime Minister announced a donation to the state treasury 130 million eurosfor him Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This car also has a committed investment of €3,000 million by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Geneva meeting: international nonsense

The government initially tried to hide the identity of the international mediator hosting the meeting between the two parties within the framework of the agreement concluded to appoint Pedro Sanchez as Prime Minister. Newspaper Spanish It was revealed last Thursday that Henry Dunant would be the auditor, although the government later clarified thisHe will act as an assistant and host in Geneva for the “real” mediators.. A kind of middleman for middlemen. Henry Dunant is the entity that verified the disarmament of ETA. Whatever the case may be, the confusion and ambiguity with which the government and the SWP are playing is, in fact, inappropriate for the rule of law.

Puigdemont’s goal with this demand is to change the narrative, from a crime against the rule of law, to resolving conflicts between two failed or imperfect states, which is what Henri Dunant devotes his efforts to achieving. Assuming this narrative will, in the future, allow for the legitimization of a self-determination referendum. For this reason, it was important that the meetings and mediators be international.

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