Steam is offering the first 6 games of December free forever and for an unlimited time

Valve’s platform begins the last month of 2023 exactly as the previous month ended: offering new games to all users with an active account.

with The weekend is overIt is time to say goodbye to the usual promotion of free Steam games. If you do not take advantage of it during the above-mentioned period, you will not be able to do so. However, don’t worry, because it’s very common to be able to on Valve’s platform Play without spending a dime And that’s exactly what the new free-to-play add-ons suggest. At the beginning of this December. The digital store has just added 6 new free games that you can download now.

Zombie killing simulator

Kill zombies in dozens of different game modes. You can even do it in space or in the Roman Colosseum! Or design your own levels in the game editor! The only important thing about this game is that killing zombies is very satisfying. Zombie Killing Simulator is an action/simulation game. This game features different gameplay for each game mode.

Download Zombie Killing Simulator for free on Steam

Grappling Artillery: Arena FPS

Grappling Gunners is a free multiplayer FPS game that features two grappling shooters For high-speed confrontations and complete freedom of movement. Use seven abilities, including teleportation and bullet time.

Download Grappling Gunners: Arena FPS for free on Steam

pinball m

Preparing for the entry of terrorism. A new horror-inspired pinball platformer for brave players. Show your skills on the most evil, bloody and brutal tables ever.

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Download Pinball M for free on Steam

Bronzebeard Pub

Bronzebeard’s Tavern is a fun and playful restaurant management simulation where 1-4 players can work as a team with multiplayer co-op. He takes on different roles, serving a variety of customers and preparing delicious dwarven cuisine. Improve your tavern with upgrades! These decisions change the way you play and are essential to progress on the more challenging days. Choose to increase customer capacity with a shiny new expansion or use utilities like more blenders or more stoves to increase your production.

Download Bronzebeard’s Tavern for free on Steam

VDSC: Vault Island

An island with a lot of dragons and weapons. Volt Inu’s Sailor Club invites you to the biggest battle of your life. Face off against 24 other players for honor, wealth and power. Land in strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies to survive the battlefield and be the last one to emerge victorious.

Download VDSC: VoltIsland for free on Steam

Missing cat

Lost Cat is a free, cute and relaxing game with a touch of difficulty. There are currently four mini-levels, and the gameplay in each level is different. The kitten needs to collect enough fish to return home. Later levels include features such as perspective movement, trap avoidance, monster avoidance, and movement through time, among others.

Download Lost Cat for free on Steam

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