Android app bug affects 100 million users

If you believe that Google apps The safest place to download apps is that you don’t know about the problems Google has been facing lately. Today we have to talk about a new case of Vulnerabilities in Android applications Published on Google Play. more than 100 million users can be affected Your data is put at risk in external databases. Today we are not talking about fraudulent applications, but rather about a Android apps error It could put your personal data at risk.

These applications may filter your personal data

A study from Check Point revealed that A problem with various Android apps With some popularity. Many of them have been downloaded over 10 million times and are still in circulation. We are not dealing with fraudulent apps with a clear goal, it is about the developers who have left The door is open at a critical point.

The applications analyzed have a vulnerability left All personal data has been disclosed When the content is sent to the company’s servers. For the app to work, it needs to send the information, its variance, and send it back to your device. In this course, everything should be anonymous and encrypted, which is not the case with these apps.

The Vulnerability is very dangerous-Because someone with certain knowledge of computer security can access all your personal data such as passwords, pictures, and emails, Whatsapp chats, Etc.

between the Affected applications There are all different types and popularity. They are apps that work properly and do not present any kind of malware, but they do leave the door open while you are using them. This open door can be used to steal your data and use it for improper purposes.

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What can you do to avoid this?

The truth is, you can do this Little or nothing To avoid this. The study did not reveal the full list of apps, just a list of the uses and the number of downloads they had. if it was Google Play blocking systems They couldn’t find these vulnerabilities, it is difficult for you to do so.

Google Play is a relatively safe place to download apps, but no one can assure you that what you download is 100% free of malware or dangerous vulnerabilities. Our recommendation is to download very popular apps and avoid weird apps or the ones that promise great features for free.

Still no one is safe, since many study apps have millions of downloads, good Google Play results and interesting functions for users.


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