Aston Martin promises to solve Alonso’s major problem in 2023

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Aston Martin performance director Tom McCullough has promised that they will solve the main problem in this world championship: the difference in level between the circuits.

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Performance Manager Aston Martin, Tom McCulloughHe stressed that the development period for the 2024 car will solve the main problem it faces once and for all. Fernando Alonso And Lance outing It was found in the 2023 World Cup Formula 1. The engineer United kingdom They emphasized that they are “trying to build” a car that can perform on any track.

This is something that has not happened throughout this season, as Aston Martin drivers have seen their car’s performance decline significantly on surfaces such as… Hungary, Italy, Singapore, Japan, United State also Mexicowhile in others like Monaco, Zandvoort also BrazilWhere the reward is skill, they have achieved great results, and even a podium finish in Alonso’s case.

The main problem is not the tracks themselves, but Aston Martin’s poor speed on all those roads that have a large number of long straights. In fact, in the last race of the year Abu DhabiAlonso complained over the radio that they were the “slowest car” in areas Department of Intelligence and Security. However, McCullough highlighted the issue and promised that “at this time” they are already trying to mitigate it.

“At the moment we are trying to build a car that you can drive on all tracks, and we only change the rear wing or the front wing to make it strong. Currently, we have to change the components a little depending on whether the trend is low speed, high speed, efficiency, etc. This is also why some components change from one race to another.

Aston Martin goal

“The goal for next year is to have a car where you don’t have to do it as much because the basic level is higher. So I think through the testing we’ve done on the ingredients, we’ve learned a lot as well. From on-track physical testing of certain parts, which helped us develop the car we use today,” McCullough concluded after the last race. Grand prize From the World Cup.

The same engineer recently warned Aston Martin fans not to expect any “jump” in quality similar to the one in 2023, because if they do they will be putting themselves ahead. Red Bull In terms of performance. His words refer to the car in which we begin to see her the two seas Next March, it will include the best version of the parts that were updated this year, such as the spoiler that McCullough alludes to.

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