Starlink: Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet Company is licensed to operate in Argentina

In its latest release, SpaceX He reached two major stages in his aviation career by completing more than 1,000 satellites That make up for you Red Internet Starlink For remote areas. In contrast, the launch took place with Prof. Falcon 9 reusable rocket, Whose propellant has already been used in Eight times.

Small satellites have been known, among other things, to form “trains” of stars in the night sky as they settle into their final orbital positions, as well as because of complaints they have caused in the astronomy world.

With satellite internet service Limited in some areas of North America, The company led Elon Musk plan Expand your service globally, The two are in Europe as it’s like in Latin America, As it already has permission to start operations on Argentina.

According to information published in the Official Gazette, National Communications Authority (ENACOM) The US company is authorized to offer its connection services in Argentina, according to Resolution 1291 Posted last December on behalf of the company Tepro Netherlands. Besides being a management department rather than a company planning to operate in the country, Starlink’s decision is bolstered by international expansion, expanding its coverage of its satellite internet connection in Outlying areas in the UK.

“This month, we plan to expand the program’s coverage Better than nothing beta For UK users, with an emphasis on rural and remote areas where there is no cable or fiber internet connection, ”said Jesse Anderson, SpaceX Manufacturing Leader, Cited by CNBC.

Satellite service Starlink It is in development stage with a beta program known as Better Than Nothing (Better Than Nothing) and requires a purchase of a $ 500 installation kit and a monthly subscription of $ 99. Connection speeds can be unstable, ranging from 50 to 150 Mbps, with latency ranging from 20 to 40 milliseconds. On the other hand, the company warns of possible outages.

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With some 1,000 satellites in low Earth orbitThe Starlink constellation, which measures 550 kilometers in height, requires an investment of approx $ 10 billion To put about 40,000 satellites into orbit. The company expects to generate $ 30 billion in revenue annually once the network is operational.

At this stage, the next step for the company led Elon Musk It is expanding the global coverage of the Internet via satellite Starlink. In addition to obtaining the ENACOM license in Argentina, SpaceX Already approved by the authorities Brazil, Chile, Colombia, MexicoAnd Australia and Japan as well as several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.


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