Economics / Finance. Allianz GI launched its Fixed Return and Absolute Return investment strategy in Spain

Madrid, 21 (Europe Press)

Allianz Global Investors launched the Luxembourg version of its “Allianz Fixed Income Macro” fixed-income investment strategy, which is now available to investors in Spain.

This product is invested in developed and emerging markets with the clear purpose of searching for positive and unrelated returns in exchange for stocks, private fixed income, and government bonds.

Allianz Total Fixed Income strategy aims to outperform monetary assets and has a 100% neutral position of real cash, treasury bills and short-term government bonds.

A fund’s active positions usually consist of derivatives like futures, swaps, and currencies and may also include bonds.

The strategy, which has been available in the UK under the OEIC (Variable Capital Investment Company) format since July 2018, has had a return of 6.98% per year through the end of November.

This tactic, directed by Kacper Brzezniak and Mike Riddell, aims to provide capital protection, act as portfolio diversification without any association with traditional asset classes, and outperform its monetary benchmark for a continuous twelve-month period.

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