St Vincent’s movie THE NOWHERE INN opens in Mexico on November 25th.

Nowhere It was part of the official selection for the 2020 Sundance Film Festival.

CDMX, November 2021. the filmNowhere from the director Bill Benz stars Annie Clark (Grammy Award winner), Carrie Brownstein (Portland), and Dakota Johnson (Suspiria) in the following theaters. November 25 from this year.

NowhereIt is a film that mixes parody, drama and comedy genres the first show The World at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020 in the official midnight pick, receiving very good reviews from critics; It has been selected around the world at multiple festivals, the Doc’n Roll Festival in the UK, the In-Edit Festival in Barcelona, ​​and this year it won the award for Best Feature Film and Animation at the ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival.


Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent, Grammy Award-winning artist) and Carrie Brownstein (Slater-Kenny, Portland) give us a fictional account of two creative forces who came together to produce a documentary on the music of St. Vincent. A life on tour and personal on stage.

They quickly discover unexpected forces lurking in the lead and the filmmaker that threaten to destroy the duo’s friendship, project and creative life. From film director Bill Benz (Portland, At Home with Amy Sedaris) comes a fun portrait of reality, identity, and authenticity. The story of two best friends trying to reveal the truth about a complex topic inside the mirror room – artistic life that threatens to devour them completely.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations about authenticity and the different expectations placed on female versus male rock stars,” Clark says. “Being a regular person is given so much importance that they happen to be a world star.”

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Mantícora Distribución and Victoria Films are planning for them the first show In Mexican cinemas for him November 25 In alliance with + QueCine from Cinépolis, Cineteca Nacional and selected theaters.

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