Netflix. These are the English castles where The Bridgerton was filmed

In recent weeks, the series “The Bridgertons”, which was a huge hit on Netflix, has become popular. Which takes place in England during the Regency era, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The funny thing is that Astonished his followers from the scenes in which they were shot, Because in the past they were places frequented by the nobles.

A month after the release, the fantasy created by Chris Van Dawson, based on novels by Julia Quinn, produced by Shonda Rhimes, has nearly 63 million followers worldwide who share their flair for period characters, stories of high society and its world of styles, but above all, locations. That they used to record the series containing a season. London, Bath, York or Salisbury are some of the locations that come out with their true settings.

Hatfield House

Its origin goes back to the seventeenth century. It is a famous mansion located in Hertfordshire One of the accommodations is the stately Featherington House, one of the two families that make up the center of the plot.

She has a large garden and She was visited by Princess Diana, known as Lady Di. Between large and small displays, the venue is as popular as it appeared in the series the crown And in movies like RebeccaAlfred Hitchcock, OR BatmanTim Burton.

The Holborn Museum

When it comes to London Kings’ Organizing Balls, this is definitely the place to be. It is a town hall located in Bath. The structure was created in 1882 and It was used in the past as a place for celebrations, parties and banquets.

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Wilton House

It is one of the largest luxury residences in the UK. It is located in Salisbury, southern England, which is where the Bridgertons reside in fiction. It dates back to the 16th century and is currently owned by the Earl and Countess of Pembroke.

Among its most important details are its romantic fountains and elegant courtyard which is often used in film and television productions. The interior of the palace, such as Lancaster Palace, was used as the palatial palace of Queen Elizabeth II in Bridgertons as it’s like in the crown.

Ranger House

Located near Greenwich Park in London, its location served as the exterior of the Bridgerton family home in the chain. it’s a A private red brick mansion filled with wisteria (A purple climbing plant known as wisteria in English) from Chesterfield Walk.

Castle Howard

It used to be the exterior of Clyvedon, the place where Simon and Daphne settled after their wedding on the show. It has its origins in the 18th century and is located in Yorkshire, northern England.

It has approximately 150 rooms It is one of the largest manor homes in the area. It was designed by Vanbrugh. To avoid damaging the furniture and furnishings, strict security measures have been put in place and enforced by the minors’ personnel. Who were present at every moment of the filming.

Hampton Court Palace

Located in Richmond, on the outskirts of the Thames and on the outskirts of London, Hampton Court Palace is a former royal palace open to the public that made it into the Queen Charlotte residence series. It is a 16th century building surrounded by a wonderful park.

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