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Dr.. Epifanio CastaƱeda Labra

Dear Northwest reader, the term sports injury is what happens to an individual while playing a sport, requires medical attention and makes it impossible to continue for at least 24 hours. This type of injury ranges from mild to severe, and it is considered an injury even without “healing”. The individual performs a sporting activity and the injury recurs, which makes the treatment take longer, as well as the return to sports.

This type of injury sometimes occurs due to therapeutic athleteogenesis, in which the individual does not take preventive and preparatory measures to perform the sports activity (warm-up, training, nutrition, hydration, adequate rest according to work or pregnancy performed).

Acute injuries are those that occur suddenly during sports activity and are generally painful. They occur frequently in contact sports, such as football, hockey, etc.

Chronic injuries develop gradually and are typical of sports that require stylized or repetitive movement such as running; These are often called overuse injuries. In these cases, it is necessary for the athlete or individual suffering from it to undergo treatment that includes high-quality, not quantitative, training, because when performing activities, the area suffers from repeated micro-trauma, and if you do not have adequate rest, the injury is because with the advancement of time the injury becomes more Obviously, it causes symptoms and this affects the physiological development of training.

There are other types of injuries in exercise, and these are called catastrophic injuries, and they are those that affect the brain and / or spinal cord, and can be life-threatening or permanent.

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In studying sports injuries, it is important to identify the risk factors associated with their occurrence in order to take preventive measures. Risk factors can be external, such as sports characteristics, sports equipment, playground, or environmental causes; And internal factors, such as congenital musculoskeletal diseases or obesity, among others.

Among the most common injuries are strains and tears in a tendon or muscle, and sprains are also common, which can be from grade 1 to grade 4, and so on.

To manage every injury, it is important to always search for the cause, obtain a specific diagnosis and thus create a treatment, as discipline and perseverance for an individual is essential to correct the cause and injury and return to the sporting field.

Well also from this column we invite you not to lower your caution, because the disease is among us, and the diseases that do not show symptoms are the most dangerous, do not trust yourself, and take care of even those in the house, the health is personal, pay attention to the indicators of the health sector, take care of the health distance of 1.5 meters or More, use a muzzle, wash your hands, wear glasses or a muzzle. If you take care of yourself, you also take care of me and we all take care of ourselves. Remember, you can bring death into your home.

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