IOS 14.5 re-enables YouTube PiP video … for now

We’ve spent months with a song la función PiP (Picture-in-Picture) from YouTube With iOS 14. The feature is natively supported by IOS 14 And many more services like Twitch The Netflix They take advantage of it, but it is a paid job on YouTube, so this service blocks it whenever possible.

And so we have been since August last year, withlit s ErasedFrom YouTube ahead of successive betas and stable versions of iOS 14. Developers Exactly Discover This is, again, the videos from the YouTube website It can be returned to PiP mode with the iOS 14.5 beta.

YouTube, the only service PiP maintains for paid users

Ironically, it only works if we access the YouTube mobile site, It is not an official app. Thanks to this function, we can watch videos while consulting other applications, something that can come in handy for example when we comment on something we watch with another person through instant messaging.

Now: depends on YouTube for this function to remain active with the stable release of iOS 14.5 once it reaches all users. Knowing that they still want to reserve it for their special subscribers, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it disappear again. You can enjoy it while you can if you have it iOS 14.5 beta Installed, although not something we would recommend for the general user.

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