La Jornada – The UNAM microsite celebrates Pablo Gonzalez Casanova

Mexico City. The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) on Friday launched a microsite to celebrate the academic career of researcher Pablo Gonzalez Casanova, who yesterday turned 100 years old.

Entitled “Principal Researcher, Innovator of Institutions, 100 Years After His Birth,” the site prepared by the Institute for Social Research of the highest studies house is divided into several thematic sections, among which is a review of the work of Gonzalez Casanova.

There it stands out that the professor born in Toluca in 1922 is a teacher of historical sciences from the UNAM, El Colegio de México and the National School of Anthropology and History, in addition to being an academic at the Universities of Paris and Cambridge, as at the New School for Social Research.

Some of his books are also featured there, such as democracy in mexico (1965), Sociology of Exploitation (1969), Imperialism and Liberation in Latin America (1978), The university needed in the twenty-first century (2001) and Exploitation, colonialism and the struggle for democracy in Latin America (2017).

Likewise, the microsite includes a section with videos referring to Gonzalez Casanova’s 100th birthday and various press notes on his anniversary, including some published by this publishing house.

Another section of the page shows the academic work already carried out on the centenary of the academic leader appointed by the FLN in 2019, as well as the call for a forum on February 15 organized by the University of Guadalajara.

On the microsite it is also possible to find a section entitled “Basic Concepts and Phenomena of Our Time” – curated by Gonzalez Casanova himself – with a selection of readings on various topics from the social sciences and critical thinking. Likewise, dozens of hyperlinks to review books, videos, and online articles on the work and legacy of Gonzalez Casanova are included. As part of the researcher’s 100th birthday celebrations, UNAM has also released a commemorative video on its YouTube channel.

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