Sportmadness expects to have a turnover of 10 million and reach the UK in 2024

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“The mistake that has always been done is no longer worth it,” confirms Sportmadness founder, Alejando García.

(10-23-2023). Sports franchise and school company Sportmadness plans to reach one hundred franchises in 2024, the year it will arrive in the UK. Today, the company operates 56 franchises in 17 markets and is focusing on growth in France and Germany, where it operates three and two franchises, respectively.

“The goal is to enter the Champions League for franchises,” Sportmadness founder Alejando García confirms to CMDSport. The chain is currently focusing on growth in Europe, with France and Germany being its main markets, and will reach the UK in 2024, the year it will reach one hundred franchises. Meanwhile, the chain wants to land in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Nordic countries and Austria next year.

Five million euros in 2023

Sportmadness expects turnover to reach five million euros by 2023 and hopes to double this figure in 2024, with international business accounting for two-thirds of the total, compared to today’s 40%. In Spain, Sportmadness is seeking access to Seville and Valencia, two cities where it does not yet have a presence.

The company has three main lines of business: sports academies, campuses and events, although it also manages facilities and has some franchises focused on sports tourism, with two lodges managed. “In terms of facilities management, we don’t want competition, it’s more opportunistic, because we have big operators,” says the manager.

Data solution

On the other hand, looking to the future, Sportmadness wants to open another avenue for business and provide data solutions to customers. “This makes sense because there are clients, such as public institutions, who need a website, a database, or a marketing tool, other than a sports monitor,” he adds.

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“Projects are becoming more challenging, and as the sector evolves, the shoddy work that has always been done is no longer worth it,” he adds. As clients, Sportmadness serves more than 100 city councils, as well as councils, regional governments, educational centers and various private companies.

Sportmadness directly employs 100 full-time people, fifteen of them at the headquarters, which will reach a turnover of half a million euros in 2023, a figure it plans to increase by 50% in 2024. On the other hand, Sportmadness wants to “continue reinvesting to continue Growth is short-term, so it is not planned to break even, but we have the ability to achieve this whenever we want.

Sportmadness was founded in 2012, and began its expansion through franchising in 2017. The initial investment to open a franchise ranges between 10,000 and 15,000 euros.

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