Baldur’s Gate III is available now on Xbox, as announced at The Game Awards

If you have been waiting to be able to play this title on your Xbox, you can do so now, don’t waste any more time.

Astarion is one of the most popular characters in this third installment.

The Game Awards left out a lot of impressive announcements. One of them is that the official release date for Baldur’s Gate III on Xbox will finally be known, and so it was. Although more surprising, The release date was yesterdayThat is, there was another com. shadowdrop Which managed to convince millions of people. If you are playing on Xbox and are looking forward to this title, you can now enjoy it without any problem.

If by chance you missed the ceremony, don’t worry because here we leave you the Game Awards summary with 42 games that were presented. This way you can be fully informed without having to see it all. Perhaps the biggest surprise for Xbox gamers besides this release date was the presentation of Hideo Kojima’s new game, OD. definitely It was a night for framing.

Baldur’s Gate III is now available on Microsoft consoles

I already knew that the date was approaching, This December was the chosen month So that Xbox players can enjoy the game that won the GOTY award. By the way, if you want to know all the winners, here’s the information so you don’t miss any details. You know what to do now if you’ve been looking forward to this game, fire up your console and download it, the wait is over.

Baldur’s Gate III was released last August, and since then it has done nothing but harvest Successes and good reviews. The game has succeeded in making a large number of players fall in love with it thanks to its wonderful story and of course the decision-making, combat and freedom it provides. All Larian Studios’ work has ensured that this installment becomes the undisputed star of the night, winning no fewer than six awards.

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Among them, as it could not be otherwise, Best Game of the Year Award. We’ll see how it develops and how Xbox players receive it, but it looks like it will continue to be a success for a long time. At least as long as we keep adding new content through regular updates.

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