This is Microsoft Computer Manager

For many years, applications such as CCleaner She was available to help you Clean at least the files you need on your computer. Since performing these operations manually is usually time-consuming, these alternatives are excellent, which is why Microsoft has finally decided to have an official and free application of its own. So today we will teach you how to download and use Microsoft Computer Manager.

What is Microsoft PC Manager and what can be done with this tool

This is an application for computers created by Microsoft To clean windows from the inside. This process usually takes a long time when reviewing files that accumulate over time, but what Microsoft PC Manager promises to do is make it almost automatic, so that In just a few clicks The procedure is performed.

In addition, this application also provides other features:

  • Speed ​​up your computer To free up space, clean the operating system of files, and speed up the overall performance of your computer.
  • Space management To free up space for items such as old updates, bug reports, and other temporary items that may have been saved.
  • Block pop-ups So that when you browse a site, a window with an ad does not open that will bother you or slow down your computer.
  • Windows validation To scan for threats, malware, and other issues that may cause internal errors.
  • Protection against viruses By integration Windows Defender in PC Manager, so you can scan for malware to block threats you might want to install.
  • Various facilities Additional features for battery management, screenshots, calculator and other basic Windows functions.
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How to download Microsoft PC Manager for Windows for free

Before installing it you should know that this application only works on Windows 10 and Windows 11, It's also only in English, but it's very intuitive and easy to use thanks to its simple interface.

To download the application, we just have to search for it by name in a file Microsoft Store And then press the button “Demobilized.”

Once downloaded and installed, you can open the application to start using the functions that we have already detailed above in this text. As you see, The interface is very clean So finding the options in the sidebar is very simple.

To improve your PC's performance with one click, just press the button “enhances” To clean the files you must go to the section “storage”. Of course, you can also find and try other jobs.

And that's it, it's very easy to download, install and clean Windows Microsoft Computer Manager. Also remember that in Basics of Xataka Mexico Find out how to download Chrome OS Flex, a Google alternative that promises to save computers without Windows support.

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