Miami Cuban arrested for stealing more than $300,000 in cash from a Hialeah home

A 42-year-old Cuban named Gunner Sanchez Freeman appeared in court Monday for the violent theft of more than $300,000 in cash from a Hialeah home.

On Friday, November 19, about 10:30 a.m., Sanchez Freeman and two other men walked into their home’s backyard—it’s at 64th and 9th Streets in West Hialeah—and began to play insistently…on a sliding glass door.

The police report indicated that Sanchez Freeman was wearing a mask, gloves and a fluorescent jacket from a traffic officer. Another suspect wore a construction helmet and phosphorescent jacket, while the third wore an iron lever.

When the woman opened the door, one of the suspects asked her for a glass of water, but when the victim turned around to go to the kitchen, the three men violently stormed the house, threw her on the floor, tied her up and covered her. mouth with duct tape.

The suspects were pulled out of a room containing approximately $312,000 in cash and jewelry. They used a rolling suitcase to get the safe out of the house and escape.

Hialeah Police obtained surveillance video of a car in which the suspects allegedly drove.

That same vehicle was seen the next day at a store near Home Depot and the suspects appeared to be wearing clothing similar to those worn during the robbery.

The victim also identified Sanchez Freeman as a well-known person who had lent him money in the past.

He was arrested on Sunday and the man appeared in court on Monday on charges of burglary, violent assault, kidnapping and grand larceny.

The authorities have not yet revealed whether they have recovered the money, or whether they have made any other arrests related to the case.

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Cuban will have to stay in the county jail for at least another 21 days until the next hearing, because he has no bond.

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