Social sciences or science, how do you choose what to study?

Among the choices every teen makes is that most of their future life circumstances are their career as a student. The young man reaches the end of the ESO and must choose an orientation: social or scientific? Undoubtedly, his years have marked a path in which he feels more secure, comfortable and happy.

But when the decision is effective, environmental stresses arise which cause doubts and uncertainty. There first of all A social feeling that values ​​science above all other disciplines. Science has a social status that social professions lack.

Many believe that studying exact or empirical sciences is worth more and that this is the only way to succeed. Candidates for engineers, physicists, chemists, physicians, architects, and pharmacists imagine themselves crowned with success. While educational and technical jobs, for example, are viewed as second-class. It seems that only non-intelligent people who cannot reach the former devote themselves to the latter. A grave mistake that leads many young people to failure.

Family pressures influence the choice between social sciences

Out of desire for the best for their children, many teen parents advise. The parameters that guide these tips are usually economic. “In this or that race, you win well”, “Art is very beautiful but you don’t live on that” and comments like this cause more confusion in young people.

In addition, they professional breeds, surnames that are repeated from father to son, and which the family hopes will continue. Grandparents, grandparents, medical parents, expecting a pediatrician, lawyer or engineer. They are paying for it to be so.

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The reality is not as described. The street is full of undergraduate professionals of science who are looking for work in any activity because they cannot find it in their specialty. The ruling dynasties cannot be the focus of the elections.

None of these criteria is enough to put pressure on a young person to make a choice that will affect his life. Your happiness, self-awareness, and mental health depend on this decision.

How do you decide whether to follow the path of social careers or the sciences?

You have to think choice is a lifelong job. How do you see yourself in that profession? Will you enjoy working on your chosen one or will you yearn for your real career that you are putting off?

Analyze yourself internally. Do you like research, numbers, laws and details? Or are you happy in creativity, education and helping others? Put family stress asideAnd, if it’s too intense, talk to your parents and explain your feelings. They will be able to understand and support you.

This is your life and you have to define it by thinking about your interest, your happiness, and your future. Don’t delay making those around you happy. Try to make them understand that you know what’s best for you.

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