“Smart Colombia”; The initiative seeks to fund more than $9 billion in science, technology and innovation projects based on artificial intelligence

The initiative will invest $9.4 billion to finance science, technology and innovation projects (EFE – Koen Van Weel)

Colombia's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation launched the program “Smart Colombia”, an initiative that will invest $9.4 billion to finance science, technology and innovation projects To address challenges through artificial intelligence-based and aviation technologies. This call will be open until April 29 and seeks to support projects that provide solutions to regional challenges, thus promoting an environment for inclusive and sustainable innovation.

The goal behind “Smart Colombia” is Promote the use of artificial intelligence and aviation technologies to address complex problems in different regions of Colombia. In this way, the aim is not only to improve the well-being and prosperity of these regions, but also to lay the foundations for future research and technological developments. This program is expected to foster a culture of research and innovation that leads to the creation of advanced knowledge and tools.

This strategy envisions intensive cooperation between various sectors and entities, in order to integrate various disciplines and societies in developing innovative solutions to the current challenges facing the country. With the participation of researchers, businessmen and local communities “ColombIA Inteligente” It is proposed as a model for national cooperation to promote scientific and technological progress.

The goal of the initiative is to promote the use of artificial intelligence and aviation technologies to address complex problems in different regions of Colombia (Reference image – Freepik)

Projects selected in this call It will demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence and aviation technologies not only in the academic fieldBut in practical applications that will contribute to improving the quality of life of Colombian citizens.

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In this regard, the Colombian Minister of Science, Yesenia Olaya, indicated that the “ColombIA Inteligente” initiative is a strategy that adds to the artificial intelligence roadmap presented by the government. “We recognize the role of artificial intelligence in the challenges and problems affecting our societies.”The head of the file added, stressing the importance of opening opportunities that encourage cooperation between various actors. The Minister also stressed the need to build innovative solutions that go beyond regional reality. Highlighting the ability of artificial intelligence to transform society in a positive way.

The Artificial Intelligence Call seeks to promote scientific careers and improve skills in research, technology and innovation. This will be achieved by supporting young researchers and emerging research initiatives, as well as providing funding for post-doctoral programs and master's degrees.

Colombian Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Yesenia Olaya (EFE – Carlos Ortega)

To participate, proposals must be submitted in collaboration between an entity from the National Science, Technology and Innovation System and a company in the country. In addition, the project must provide a solution to a local problem, working in partnership with community groups and local organisations.

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Yesenia Supreme will face the political control debate in the Congress of the Republic on April 3This is after continued complaints of work pressures, extended working hours, and a high number of resignations within the ministry. The representative confirmed the call for this discussion Jennifer PedrazaWho announced the news on the X platform, after a previous cancellation.

The discussion is being called amid concerns about the reduced budget allocated to the portfolio in the 2024 state budget, and the Supreme Minister's alleged lack of effort to secure additional funds.

Jennifer Pedraza noted in x “We already have a date for political control: April 3” (Culprensa – Lina Gasca)

In addition, complaints have been reported from workers about workplace harassment and concerns about restrictions on the use of royalty funds allocated to science, technology and innovation. from the timeAnd it turns out Only 5% of available royalty resources have been implemented for 2023-2024, the lowest figure in the past five years, which would put more than P2 trillion in unallocated funds at risk. This situation has raised concerns about the management of Menciencias and raises questions about the effectiveness of the portfolio under the supreme supervision at a critical moment for the development of science and technology in the country.

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