AFAC will assume the role of liaison and regulator in aviation medicine

The Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) officially Air Medical Liaison and Control CommitteeFor Dr.E. Ensure that the highest quality standards are in place for psychophysical examinations of aviation professional staffEnsure continuous training of medical examiners, and maximize operation and efficiency in the interest of aviation safety.

He pointed this out Jose Merino SaldaniaDoctor with BA in Aerospace Medicine, Pilot and Member of Mexican Association of Aviation Medicine and Mexican College of Aerospace Medicine, Who will be responsible for this committee. In this way, he explained, coordination will be established between the highest aviation authority in Mexico and the air medical mission that relies on General Directorate of Protection and Preventive Medicine in Transport (DGPMPT).

Among the first tasks to be assigned to this new body the AFAC will correspond Responding to observations made in the field of aviation medicine by the United States Federal Aviation Authority as part of the audit as Mexico is required to demonstrate that it implements the operational, airworthiness and correct navigation guidelines set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Feedback resolution project – Specialist indicated – It is scheduled to take place over the course of a yearThe period during which amendments will be made to the Aviation Medicine Regulations, in order to correct the restrictions and update their content.

According to the doctor Space medicine must be considered a completely different entity from transport medicineSince aviation personnel undergo very different changes from those with experience with other modes of transportation, however, he said that most of the preventive medicine doctors responsible for this field are specialists in Occupational medicine or general practitioners.

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He stressed that “the pilot can have completely different physical, metabolic and psychological changes from other actors, and space medicine is responsible for the careful study of these diseases and changes in humans.”

This situation puts Mexico in a state of secession from Annex No. 1 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), As it is proved that licenses and certificates must be submitted by the aviation authority in each member state.

“The problem is Aviation medicine belongs to the DGPMPT. horizonsAs the highest aviation authority, it should regulate aviation medicine, but since they are different entities, they are separate at the moment, ”Merino Saldana explained.

He indicated that one of the medium-term goals is to restore control of the Aviation Authority to Egypt Aviation medicineAs it should be handled by experts in this field.

in this way, The committee will create an envelope to ensure the correct development of the aeromedical mission by space medicine professionals and pilots as well.

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