“It has no way, it is being pulled out of its place.”

Christian Martinoli He was an ardent critic of Ochoa memorandumThe commentator confirmed that the goalkeeper Mexican national team “There is no way for her,” which was clearly the case On goal by Tyler Adams In the final CONCACAF Nations League.

In 2022, the commentator spoke about the goal deficiencies that have characterized Memo Ochoa's career and after the failure of the tri-colour goalkeeper against… United StateMartinoli's words became relevant.

The USA got ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from 30 metres. Tyler Adams This surprised Guillermo Ochoa, who did not run effectively through his goal and allowed the ball to sneak into his net.

What did Christian Martinoli say about Memo Ochoa?

Error from Ochoa memorandum And in the first American goal, he remembered what he said Christian MartinoliWho criticized the former American goalkeeper for not knowing how to move around his goal.

On Enrique Garay's podcast, Christian Martinoli spoke about Memo Ochoa, his time in Europe and the shortcomings that have haunted him throughout his career between the three positions.

The commentator said: “He has shortcomings since he started in America. Rafa Puente, the loyal goalkeeper, I tell you, does not reach the goal on shots longer than 30 metres.”

He added: “He has no way. He jumps from his place, does not take two steps here or there, does not shrink much when shooting, and does not come out well from the top. He is afraid.” Azteca Deportes commentator.

What happened to Memo Ochoa in Mexico vs. USA?

Ochoa memorandum He was one of the players most criticized after the defeat Mexican national team In the final CONCACAF Nations League. The goalkeeper made an impact on both goals and immediately became a trend on social networks.

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Memo Ochoa reached the final after an impressive performance against Panama, where he kept a clean sheet and established himself as the ninth cleanest goalkeeper in the national team (65).

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The fans celebrated the tri-colored goalkeeper, but after a few days the applause turned to criticism, as Ochoa influenced the American goals; The first was a shot from 35 yards (32 m).

In the final match vs United StateOchoa scored four shots inside the penalty area, but his mistakes rose on the scoreboard and the fans did not forgive him.

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