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six Startups The Spanish companies, Codigame, Jobandtalent, Paack, Playtomic, RavenPack and Wallapop, have positioned themselves as the companies that are likely to become the next. Monocytes Spanish, with a value of 1,000 million euros, according to the list published by Viva Technology, the well-known European event Startups Technology, which will take place from 16 to 19 June in Paris.

The list, which comprises of 100 companies “with the necessary traits” to achieve the aforementioned valuation or more in the near future, was drawn up in cooperation with the investment bank GP Bullhound and contributions from five major mutual funds (Accel, Balderton, IdInvest, Partech and NorthZone).

“This list illustrates the extraordinary potential of European technology,” says Julie Ranti, CEO of Viva Technology, recalling how the pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital and innovation to continue moving forward. “The challenge now is to support these European digital champions to succeed.” In his view, these companies mainly face five challenges: access to larger rounds of financing in order to continue to promote their business, the ability to enhance cooperation with companies, attract talent, international development and the ability to make a positive impact in society.

For Manish Madhavani, Managing Partner at GP Bullhound, “Entrepreneurs and investors can be proud to have created over 112 Monocytes Europeans since 2000 “, but he notes that it is necessary to support them to ensure their growth. Timing is crucial, he says,” because as we go through one of the most difficult times in our history, the world has realized how dependent we are on technology and the ambition of visionaries to revive breakthrough ideas. “

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Although the number of Spanish startups is six in the main list Scope expansion operations Europe may seem scarce (now only in Spain Cabify and Glovo have achieved the status of a unicorn), “Our expectation is that Spain will continue to gain weight in the coming years due to the quality of the projects that we see. In addition, we have representatives in the most digital sectors with a lot of importance. The link, like software, the marketplace or games, with differential business models and global ambition, Miguel Kindelan, head of GP Bullhound in Spain, told CincoDías.

This expert also highlights that Spain has set a new record, amassing nearly 2,000 million euros in the past 12 months, “an increase above the European average. Glovo, for example, was the third largest tour in Europe so far this year.” 450 million have been collected. ” The tour, led by Delivery Hero, Lugard Road Capital and Luxor Capital Group, was the largest a Spanish startup has achieved to date. Glovo is already planning to go public in two or three years.

GP Bullhound highlights a great start to the year in terms of the investment acquired Startups Spanish. To be added to Operation Glovo, the operation closed in March by the jobandtalent recruitment platform, which made 100 million access to Softbank, and the February’s Wallapop operation, which acquired 157 million and launched its valuation to 690 million euros.

The list compiled by Viva Technology and GP Bullhound was taken, in which it includes the growth and growth potential of companies, increase in capital, increase in the number of employees and their ability to make a positive impact on the company. Society, 19 countries included (UK and Israel as well). Among these companies, the United Kingdom was the top three by number of companies, with 24 companies Scope expansion operations, France, 21, and Germany, 15, in line with the technological ecosystems of these countries. The list also continues to highlight the robustness of the Scandinavian ecosystem (Norway, Sweden and Finland), with 18 companies.

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By sectors, the three most represented are software /Cloud, Which tops the list, is the list Financial technologyThe second and e-commerce that complement the platform.

The average total funds raised were 156 million euros and the average valuation of companies was 156 million. Their average employee growth in the last 12 months is 29%. Average number of employees is 396.

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