Sir Graeme Nuttall, UK joint venture promoter, received the 31st International ASLE Award at Txemi Cantera

sUYAS was the vision and 28 recommendations that it presented – which were fully approved… – to the British government. It is also the title that identifies him as the man who honored hard work, a distinction that adds to his multitude. Graeme Nuttall, English solicitor and tax advisor, Sir and Adviser to the British Government and promoter of the Company’s Worker Participation Model in the country.

In 2012, as an independent consultant and at the request of the British government, he wrote the so-called Informy Nuttal About barriers that exist in promoting participation in contributing to the working group. Hence Nuttall will write the basic roadmap for promoting the participation model in the UK. With this endorsement and countless other benefits, it comes as no surprise that ASLE, the trade association for business and investing firms in the Euskadi region that chairs Kiba OliverisYesterday afternoon he was presented with the Txemi Cantera International Prize for Social Economy, a bronze sculpture made by the Basque sculptor. Agustin Ibarola. I picked it up in her name Juan Antonio Osuna, Nuttall Fellow at the prestigious London-based law firm Feldfisher, both of whom are affiliated with. The Vice President and Minister of Labor and Employment chaired the event. Idoia Mendia, Accompanied by the president of ASLE himself, the deputy Teresa Laespada, Inaki Peña, On behalf of Laboral Kotxa, the Sol Aguirre, Life partner of many years from Txemi Cantera. Behind the scenes, DEIA has lent its hand throughout the organization.

Agility and dexterity move stick action boss of the same, Pilar Calzada Among the attendees were those who were influenced by the agora and performances of the Golden Apple Quartet, the legendary collection whose four components –Loyola Garmendia, Eduardo Irondosoro (Edo), Manuel Romano (Manu) and Mikel Orizte 1? For the device… – they embroider their interventions with the song Capella, with doses of fair and necessary humor.

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It’s a job full of pregnancy and a clinical eye. Not in vain, ASLE has awarded this award internationally since 1991, with the goal of honoring the people, companies, and institutions around the world who have been most important in defending and promoting the principles that define social economics, such as participation, democracy and solidarity. Find what you are looking for, they have been in the gap for over thirty years.

At yesterday’s ceremony in Yembe Square on Ercilla Street, the Bishop of Bilbao, in addition to those mentioned, attended, Joseba Segura, Vicente Reyes,Alfredo Espizoa and John Nolte ASLE Director; Alejandro Martinez Charterna, Iñaki Bernaola, Josexo Hernandez, that he received compliments, hugs and congratulations from many who worked in the fighting alongside him; Gorka Sodobi, Marian Tapia, Jose Antonio Nieto, Selena Pereda, Texas Casado, Araceli Pascual, Cristina Gonzalez, Astrid Claramont, Joaquin Diaz And a good number of attendees. Everyone knew that thanks to this work, Queen Elizabeth II appointed him to Graeme Knight of the British Empire for their contribution to creating a more just society. In addition, he has received many awards around the world. Among them are the Baxendale Fellowship, the Jack Fitzpatrick Memorial Lecture, or the FT Innovative Lawyers Individual Award.

The jury appreciates Graeme’s work and growth, starting with Informe Nuttall, from the model of the company invested in Britain. In fact, between January 2020 and June 2021, 250 new employee-owned businesses were created in the UK. It seems clear that he hit the nail in the head.

Juan Antonio Osuna, a member of the London law firm Feldfisher, received the award in his name at Yimby Space

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