Signing of an agreement between the Consultative Council and the College of Agricultural Sciences

Dec 16 2021-13:03
The Chairman of the Consultative Council thanked the contributions of the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Yesterday in the Coliseum of Agricultural Sciences, the President of the Consultative Council, Lisandro Aguiar, with Chancellor Patricia Moya and Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Dante Hormigo, signed an agreement relating to the project called Tree.

In this regard, the President of the Consultative Council, Lisandro Aguiar, stated: “We want to thank the National University of Jujuy, in particular the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and its Dean Dante Hormigo, for the possibility of making contributions to the Deliberative Board. The ability to work together through their technical knowledge, and in this sense, In this framework agreement, what we will do is act in particular as an initiative that is already under discussion in the deliberative body representing the Environmental Law of San Salvador de Jujuy.”

Later, Aguiar affirmed “We are convinced that UNJu, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, has a lot to contribute in this regard, due to its knowledge and technical contribution. This will be the starting point for many initiatives that have to do with the working procedures of the National University and the Faculty of Agriculture.”

For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Engineer Dante Hormigo, indicated that “the signing of the agreement so that our institution can make technical contributions to the proposals and proposals that may be submitted by the consultative council to contribute to a scientific-technical viewpoint of the legislation that may generate.”

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Finally, he emphasized that “for our part, we intend to place all our potential employees and technicians in all biological and productive aspects at the disposal of the trader, in order to contribute to decision-making. These activities represent a challenge for all technicians, as they combine work and the administrative aspect of implementing and contributing to legislation to improve living conditions And all that urban custom means.”

It is important to highlight that the organizations, groups and spaces designated for participation in the City of San Salvador de Jujuy have expressed their commitment to sponsoring and receiving government support with regard to the consideration of green spaces, urban trees and orchards in the city. They acknowledged the deteriorating quality of life for city residents and the high rates of noise, visual and air pollution. They highlighted that urban trees and green spaces have become the main forms of protection against environmental degradation and the health of urban space. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage it by promoting, preserving and caring for green spaces.

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