Siberia breaks the temperature record: it’s 48 degrees

space Siberia, located above the Arctic Circle, has reached an alarming temperature. wave of hot Make a record break, by reaching 48 degrees percentage. can generate a file real disaster.

This is how the 48-degree record was measured in Siberia

The measurement came from images captured by the European Union’s twin Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B satellites. These are two devices that have the ability to make temperature measurements on the Earth’s surface.

Thanks to these thermal images, scientists from the European Union’s Earth Observation Program (Copernicus) were able to map the area in which they were measured. 48 degrees and Verkhoyansk, Eastern Siberia.

This is an unprecedented number, and the real danger lies in the substance called permafrost and the possibility of it thawing.

The potential catastrophe of a heat wave in Siberia

Permafrost is a layer of I usually Permanently frozen, hence its name. It is an underground substance that has accumulated large reserves of organic carbon. The real problem is when the permafrost thaws, releasing carbon dioxide, methane, and greenhouse gases.


So the thawing of permafrost areas Siberia, with this wave of hot, could have disastrous consequences for further accelerating the trajectory of global warming.

Expectations are negative, during 2020, a similar wave hit Siberia It caused the historic thaw, which lasted until September and into October. But this year the temperature is higher.

while record 48 degrees It was in the Verkhojansk region, and other parts of Siberia They registered hot Similar, for example 43 °C in Govorovo or 37 °C in Saskila.

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The results of one of the worst waves hot Which is remembered in place, has not yet been determined. The danger of permafrost is the most frightening, as it will have a direct impact on global warming.

Among the possible consequences of rising temperatures, such as 48 degrees from Siberia Eastern, are the following:

– Slides of large areas of land.

– Giant excavations and pits, with the consequent collapse of the foundations of buildings, if any, in the area.

– The release of greenhouse gases as a result of the release of permafrost.

Be sure to record hot On Siberia, is another consequence of Global Warming, leading to unimaginable consequences.

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