Xbox Game Pass is starting out with a bang in the first days of April

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We have finished March and now we have to look to April, where in the first days of this month we have some releases for Xbox Game Pass. We have a total of three new titles arriving, starting now With the first on the same day, April 1.

The matches for the first half of April are scheduled to be announced next weekSo, these three titles are confirmed, but more are coming, ready, you're running out of time and you're getting games you can't stop playing with your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Three new games for Xbox Game Pass in the first week of April

Enjoy a new dinosaur survival experience beyond your wildest dreams…as Ark is reinvented from the ground up for the next generation of video game technology with Unreal Engine 5! You wake up on a mysterious island, your senses flooded with bright sunlight and gorgeous colors reflecting on every surface around you, and the blue waters of a lush island moving in front of your bare feet.

  • Astronomy: Survival ascended – Console, PC and cloud – April 1

A new chapter in the exciting story mode “Braking Point” brings you high-speed drama and intense rivalries. Compete on the track on new circuits in Las Vegas and Qatar and earn rewards and upgrades in the world of Formula 1. New red flags add a real strategic element and a 35% race distance advantage provides even more action and excitement.

  • F1 23 – The Cloud – April 2

Time only moves if you move. Enemies are approaching from all sides. You have complete control as you shoot, slash, blast, and blast your way through piles of increasingly powerful opponents. The closer you are to the heart, the stronger you are. You can accumulate an arsenal of weapons and skills. You discover valuable bits of knowledge, and that meaning you crave.

  • Super Hot: Mind Control Deleted – Console, PC and Cloud – April 2
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