She was congratulated by Demichelis after participating in River’s goal as a ball picker, and now she has gone viral after scoring against Boca in the Under-19 Super Clásico.

Delfina Lombardi’s goal in the Super Clásico

Delfina Lombardi And he had a new prize. player River Plate Celebrate a little in the landslide victory 4 to 0 Reverse Boca Juniorsin it Super Classic Sub 19 Which is played on the auxiliary pitch Huge. sofia dominguez, criminal, Lyudmila Gali And Camila Duarte They are the authors of other conquests that decided the historic victory of the band.

However, the name Delfina Lombardi. The player became famous millionaire For his work as a ball catcher in the commitments the group faces locally Martin Demichelis. Just as she usually does on the court, she stays focused for the entire 90 minutes, when the cast begins Nunez He welcomes his rivals to the legendary Buenos Aires Stadium. His presence was essential in the match against Santa Fe Unionwhere he had a star turn as one of the most memorable key pieces Nacho Fernandez Against him Tatengyby Ninth date Subordinate Professional League Which ended in the hands of the assembled Micho.

Nine minutes into the first half when Martin Canetti He was fighting in the left lane with Nicholas de la Cruz. With a remarkable effort, the defender threw himself to the ground and took the ball to the side, meters away from the visiting team’s area. The remarkable thing is that it did not take a single second for the Uruguayan to overcome this side thanks to a quick reaction Delfina Lombardia footballer who is in the club’s youth team and also plays in the Argentine women’s team.

Attacker They shared He took the ball and played with it Jose Paradillawho turned and took a storming position Ignacio Fernandez In the heart of the region. at that moment, Nacho He showed his quality by placing his foot well in the penalty area and taking advantage of an aerial pass from his teammate. Archer Sebastian Moyano He was unable to do much against the ball, which received a strange parabola.

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It’s exciting to be here on the field. It was very nice to be able to contribute with my grain of sand,” the young player later announced in an interview espn During the first half of the match. Moreover, he admitted: “I didn’t see the whole goal, because my back was turned as I went to look for the other ball.“.

Delfina Lombardi Acts as a striker in small sections of millionaire He began his sporting career in Beautiful sight to White Bay After the first attempt in different specializations such as Tennis, swimming and hockey And handball. At the age of 13, she rose to prominence in this entity although she had been closely followed in Nunez since she was 11 years old. Her level allowed her last year He joined the Argentine U-17 national team for the South American category.

After the meeting, Nacho Fernandez He praised his reaction:The girl takes all the credits. She was very attentive. Sometimes the catcher is very important, so he must be very attentive. She was very good, she got to the ball quickly and we managed to score a goal. It is important that both insiders and outsiders focus on matters. We took a picture with her and I thanked her.”

One of her dreams is for women’s football to continue to progress so she can shine in the country, but she is also looking for a scholarship to play for the national team. United State And creating greater competitive ability. The fact is that his last name again appeared on the scene in the hotel corridors River PlateBecause his participation was crucial to victory the band in it Super classic. In silence and humility it brought another joy to Nunez’s being. As did the time that allowed Demichelis’ team to add three key points to maintain their title-winning goal.

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