Con Aguero’s Mistake: Revealed what Lionel Messi’s next team will be

in the last few hours Sergio “Con” Aguero Fact gave in an interview It can reveal the future Lionel Messi. In an interview with Maxi RodriguezThis was announced by the former football player Leo will have the intention of playing for Newell. Although no further information was given, the phrase impressed all fans of leprosy and Argentine football in general.

after Consecration with the Argentine national team in the 2022 World Cupin psg There was more and more talk about it Messi’s future In the club. On a two-year contract he was signed in mid-2021, when he arrived after his painful departure Barcelonathe future is still unknown.

in Europe, Versions of it are spread out in various clubs and destinations. On the one hand, it seemed a few weeks ago that the renewal was closed and it only remained to sign the contract. Later, this version and the possibility of a The alleged return to Barcelona And even foray into Football.

Besides all those other options and clubs that can implement economic engineering to get Captain of the Argentine national teamThere is always possibility Newell’s. Rosario Club is the one that was formed Leo before going to Barcelona Which football player is a fan of. Also, years ago Messi announced that he would like to play there before retiring.

In this context, the Con Agueroas well as the former partner He’s always been a great friend to “Flea”, made a statement that did not go unnoticed and excited Argentine football. he f Maxi Rodriguez Participate in an interview with OUOL They pointed, among other things, to this situation.

Con Aguero has indicated the future of Lionel MessiInstagram: @antonelaroccuzzo

This is where the universe made pronouncements that resonate around the world. “He’s seriously considering the possibility of playing for Newell’s.”He expressed. Knowing the repercussions these words would generate and with the intention of avoiding further talk on the subject, Maxi came to the rescue: “Kun is kun. I can’t be silent. We’ll see. It’s hard to talk about this because then it’s a giant ball of rumors. Let’s wait and see what happens, don’t get ahead of the facts“.

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In addition to the fact that nothing else has been commented on this topic, the Aguero’s words It was enough for fans of leprosy and all of Argentine football to dream about The idea of ​​having Messi in the Professional LeagueAt least for one semester. In addition to Leo’s tours of various stadiums to receive a welcome, his arrival would also mean great news from a financial point of view for the organization of the tournament and could mean the arrival of players who would otherwise be unreachable.

Lionel Messi could play at Newell’s, according to Con Aguero (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)Christophe Enna – ap

Beyond expectations, for now, it remains to be seen how the situation develops. On the calendar, in addition to the continuity of the French League Messi ahead of him in the round of 16 of the Champions League. On the road , Bayern Munich won 1-0 on Paris Saint-Germain.


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