» Faculties of Educational Sciences and Economics contribute to social transformation at the region’s Educational Forum 2023

The District Educational Forum 2023, a space of vital importance for the educational community in Bogotá, opened its doors at the Agora Convention Center on September 12 and 13.

Organized by the District Education Secretariat (SED), this event brings together different actors from educational communities to discuss and reflect on learning that transforms diversity and education.

The District Educational Forum is presented as the most important meeting of the educational sector in Bogotá. Over two days, representatives of public and private schools will have the opportunity to explore and share the best meaningful experiences and transformative ideas shaping the future of education in the capital.

The Faculty of Foreign Educational Sciences and the Faculty of Economics cooperated closely in organizing the forum. This important collaboration has focused on selecting relevant topics, designing innovative methodologies and supporting value propositions in the field of education.

The opening of the forum witnessed distinguished participation from Cecilia Dematti, Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences; Juan Pablo Herrera, Dean of the Faculty of Economics; Sandra Melina Díaz, Professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Coordinator of the Organization Process and María Paula Solano, External Affairs Coordinator at the Faculty of Economics.

One of the main pillars of this meeting focuses on enhancing basic learning and addresses promoting inclusion as a priority. These types of forums play a critical role in reducing educational gaps and expanding the impact of public educational policies in DC.

“Diversity in our time is an essential element and a central axis that must go through not only the school, but the entire educational sector, because we have a diverse population in terms of their physical condition, ethnic origins and sexual circumstances. The issue becomes Essential because it is necessary to provide pedagogical training to build a more comprehensive and effective education system.”

The 2023 District Education Forum also addresses important topics, such as educational innovation and strategies for creating meaningful education. With a wide range of panels, workshops and presentations, this event is expected to be a catalyst for new ideas and approaches to continuously improve education in Bogotá.

“We got to highlight the work of the two colleges, with a fantastic team that accompanied the exercise from the local educational forums, where we went through a very close-knit process to ensure that important different experiences were offered to our teachers at the institutions and it allowed us to see all those great developments that have been made,” said Sandra Diaz. Within the classroom in different contexts.

The contribution of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Externado to academic supervision confirms the commitment of these institutions to the development and transformation of the educational system in Colombia. Through the District Education Forum 2023, it is hoped that this event will inspire and motivate all those involved in education to continue working together for a brighter and more equitable educational future in Bogotá.

“One of the great challenges that economics faces is the ability to have a positive impact on the development of relevant, proactive public policy that does not respond strictly to theoretical guidelines, but is built on factual evidence that occurs from the classroom,” concluded the Dean of the Faculty of Economics.

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