Sexy Like a Monster, from Netflix: Flirts with reality shows, and the crazier, the better

2021 is another turbulent, and sometimes terrible, year, which is why it doesn’t seem strange to us that there is such a thing as monster, from Netflix, but we find it almost a miracle. There is something miraculous in that warm feeling of being able to indulge in the absurd, which is another of the perfect adjectives to define this dating show Mixes concepts like love is blind s singer mask.

In case you haven’t heard yet, the American platform launched this format yesterday which gave a lot to talk about when the first photos were leaked, and it makes sense in the world that many have forgotten about it, as if it was a dream or a bad joke. in this resurrection the facts To connect, with titles like The island of strifeAnd the playing with fireAnd the love island a First datesAnd the monster It’s the next natural step. However, among these products that we have mentioned there are different ways of dealing with love. As well as different ways to take it.

The island of strife Born, for example, as a kind of revision From mythical and trippy blind trust, but it generated a whole social phenomenon because of its way of reflecting the great concerns of the public regarding marital relations, such as infidelity. And warning against the most problematic habits they have, such as possession, lying or jealousy.

monsterNetflix, of course, goes the other way. If we had to say what it reminded us of, we would choose curiously the facts Spanish people. First datesFor example, with that natural and spontaneous atmosphere that leads to awkward and awkward moments. or these Who do you want to marry my son?And the korina prince a A farmer looking for a wife, who created the school for his method of editing and making comics with original materials. And what about this madness? next one? Also something like that.

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monsterHowever, it comes from the UK, and combines some of the typical London settings and ambiance with other places close to the countryside, in a romantic scheme. But let’s focus on what’s important: What’s the matter? in every season of monster, a person appears to be looking for love, but in order not to be carried away by appearance, both the intended and his three rhetoric are disguised with massive masks and highly detailed descriptions.

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