The United States supported the United Kingdom’s sanctions against Alex Saab

The United States has supported the United Kingdom's sanctions against Alex Saab and his partner Alvaro Pulido
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The United States on Thursday expressed its support for the United Kingdom’s sanctions against Colombian businessman Alex Saab and his partner Alvaro Pulido. The British government put them on the list of candidates because of their alleged links Serious acts of corruption in Venezuela.

“The United States welcomes the United Kingdom’s announcement of further sanctions under the Global Anti-Corruption Sanctions System, which aims to combat corruption and illicit financing,” the Treasury said in a statement. published statement on his web page.

I confirm it Corruption has a corrosive effect In a society that undermines democratic institutions, in addition to hampering economic development, draining the wealth of nations, and keeping people in poverty.

The US Treasury expressed the US’s commitment to work with and support its partners and allies in the fight against corruption. He added that the sanctions announced by the United Kingdom, An important step in this effort.

Sanctions regimes such as the Magnitsky Global Sanctions Program in the United Kingdom and the United States promote accountability for corrupt actors and help Restrict your access to the international financial system. Effective implementation of our programs can break the cycle of poor governance and poverty that corruption invokes, while supporting global efforts to address systemic weaknesses.”

“Exploiting public programs”

United kingdom punished hard, the alleged first man of Nicolas Maduro, and Pulido for their infrequent exploitation of two public programs in Venezuela. This was stated by Dominic Raab, Minister of Foreign Relations.

Alex Nine Saab Moran and Alvaro Enrique Pulido Vargas have been punished for Exploit two Venezuela public programs created to provide poor Venezuelans with affordable food and housing.”oh British civil servant.

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The UK said the people targeted in the new sanctions العقوبات Involved in serious corruption cases. The list also includes nationals of Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe and Iraq.

The United Kingdom claimed that Saab and Pulido took advantage of irregularly awarded contracts and delivered expensive goods. “His actions Cause more suffering to Venezuelanswho were already in poverty for their own enrichment.”

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