A British study showed that professional rugby affects the brain

Professional rugby can cause changes in the structure of the brain, According to a study conducted on 44 professional players and published on Thursday in the United Kingdom, in the context of growing concerns about the risks of concussion associated with this sport.

The Imperial College study followed 44 players between July 2017 And in September 2019, 21 of them had a minor brain injury while playing.

All 41 men and three women underwent an MRI Almost half had a medical exam a year later. The results were compared with those of professionals in contact sports, or with people outside of sports.

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The results showed that 23% of the players were hit in the head or notThey had abnormalities of the axons (neuronal extensions), which caused microscopic bleeding. To these abnormalities in the brain’s white matter, which allow neural connections, “abnormal changes” in the volume of this substance are also added.

“What is not clear at the moment is the long-term clinical impact of these changes.. “More research is needed to understand the long-term consequences of repeated head injuries throughout the rugby career,” said study lead author David Sharp.

The issue of blows and head injuries, both in rugby and football, is becoming increasingly controversial. Especially with regard to its long-term consequences.

In mid-July, World Rugby, the governing body of World Rugby, about extending the resource to experts outside the teams in the event of a concussion.

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In December last year, a group of former professional rugby players announced their intention to seek damages from the World Rugby Union, the FA and the Welshman in cases diagnosed with problems. nervousness;

These former players consider many of the collisions they experienced during training Or the parties, as well as the very lax regulations on concussions, are the root of his current problems.

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