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Posted by Jose Gregorio Aguilar

CD Victoria, Tamaulipas. – In the Square of the Minister of Education of Tamaulipas (SET), the DGETA and CM Brigade Fair is held on Thursday and Friday, presenting a variety of products by municipal producers in the entity’s central area.

The person in charge of the fruitful reactivation of the General Directorate of Agricultural Technological Education and Marine Sciences (DGETA and CM) in Tamaulipas, José Otero Hernández, explained that the goal is to make agricultural products made by the men and women of the fields available in their communities.

“The brigades themselves are within the communities, and they are dedicated to providing courses to people from the countryside and they also make agricultural products. In this brigade there is a wide variety of products including live pigs, because in some brigades it is for pig farming.”

For this purpose, stands have been installed for the brigades of the municipalities of Lira, Victoria, Aldama, Loma Alta and Gaumavi, which sell the most diverse artisanal products, many of which are good for health.

This Brigade Expo, in which the CBTA 98, CBTA 12, CBTA 83 and CBTA 139 schools participate, was realized at the initiative of the President of SET, Lucia Aimé Castillo Pastor, who invited producers to install their brigades in this wide and safe space so that people know the activity they are doing and products of the region they manufacture.

“The idea came from Secretary Lucia Amy who invited us, we put our stands up so they can see them, get to know us and find out what we do with young people in the countryside and agricultural schools.”

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For example, in the Llera brigade you can find leaves, chili plant, bread, much-needed chorizo, enchiladas apples, apples with caramel and honey, Estefanía Flores reported.

He said these types of events are very important as they are a platform for rural people to sell their products and become self-sufficient.

Elidio Gallardo Ponce, one of the producers of Melibona honey, spoke about the importance of this product for health, as it helps to strengthen the immune system, treat respiratory diseases, heal wounds, stop the growth of glaucoma, and reduce inflammation in the eye, among other benefits.

“We are honey producers in the state, we bring melipona honey which is very rare but at the same time very good for health.”

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