One type of bread, blue fish and low fat

Marie from Denmark (51 years old) knows very well what it takes to be Wife of the heir to the Danish throne It makes all eyes on her. In addition, she has a very busy schedule, and in every appearance, she always makes sure to look great. To this we must add that it is now completely up to date due to the images it provided The journal Lecturas was published Exclusively from her husband Federico walking with Genoveva Casanova through Madrid. All this leads to a healthy routine being very present in your daily life where there is no shortage of care with which you can bring out your best version. between them, The diet you follow is essential.

According to what was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the princess is implementing Very typical Danish eating routine. Although she was Australian, she adapted perfectly to Danish customs. Among them is the diet through which he manages to stay good inside and out.

Salmon, Mary’s favorite fish from Denmark

From the aforementioned British media, and with the help of nutrition expert Lindy Cohen, keys were handed over This is the Danish diet that Mary from Denmark will follow. The way to eat it Fish is essential.

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